Juniors Beat Other Grades in Hallway Decorating


Charlotte Sanford

The class of ’21 hallway was chock-full of 80s inspired references, from games to movies.

Sagun Shrestha, Editor-In-Chief

With an 80s-themed hallway full of references to retro TV shows, movies, and video games, the CHS juniors beat out all other grades in this year’s Homecoming Hallway Decorating contest.

“I researched the 80s and made sure to pull out the details people would understand. Especially since this was the era [when] most teachers were teens, I wanted them to definitely feel nostalgic,” said Class of ‘21 president Ashley Gyapomah.

Brainstorming and planning had started with a meeting of other student council members nearly two weeks before the decorating date Oct. 6. 

“I planned for all the walls to be blacked out because I knew it would make all the bright colors pop! I had a sketch of what would go on each wall, so I discussed them with people and assigned people roles of something to make,” said Gyapomah.

As the decorating process went on, more ideas were added as different students voiced their thoughts.

“It was all a teamwork thing. I couldn’t have done it myself, so I’ll give credit where it’s due,” said Gyapomah. “More and more ideas popped up along the way from members of student council and our class.”

The whole afternoon fostered teamwork, a process that ‘21 vice president Eastwood Yeboah considers a great success.

“Hallway decoration was great! We’ve always tended to have the smaller class so to see everyone pull through and help out really made the difference,” said Yeboah.

A goal that highly motivated those involved in decorating was also winning the contest between each grade. Teachers get a ballot and judge each hallway based on spirit, creativity, neatness, and relatedness to the theme, a competition that juniors won this year. 

“We worked so hard and it turned out beautifully!” said Gyapomah. “It was definitely a competition between [the] Class of 2020 and ours since the previous year we both had amazing hallways and we felt like ours was better but [the] Class of 20 won. So this was kind of like our comeback.”

Hallway decorating also tends to pull many students from many distinct groups and allows them to be acquainted with people they may not know in order to achieve a common interest. It brings students together not only temporarily, but permanently as well.

“I think that it promotes class unity and it’s one time of the year where everybody really feels a lot more inclusive and people develop friendships that they will maintain throughout high school just by having to work together in a small space on one goal for several hours,” said social studies teacher Lory Gardner.