MCPS vaping issues continue to rise


The Stamford Advocate

MCPS faces its own set of issues when it comes to the nation-wide vaping epidemic .

Morgan Bragg, Reporter

The nationwide vaping epidemic is becoming an increasing issue throughout MCPS. Students are repeatedly getting caught in possession of JUULs and THC products on school property. 

MCPS students have continued to JUUL and use THC products despite the rules and punishments for possession of those items. Schools are putting in new measures to combat the ongoing issue of vaping in schools.  

“Vaping can be extremely dangerous for adolescents and young adults due to ongoing brain development,” said Dr. Travis Gayles, County health officer.  “Vaping devices can contain high levels of nicotine which can impair the development of critical areas of the brain needed for high cognitive and emotional functioning.”

There has become an increasing number of CHS students who are vaping and/or using THC products. The demand for these illegal substances/products has even driven some students to extremes. There was a recent incident involving three Clarksburg residents (including one CHS students) robbing a Winston Churchill HS student for THC products. 

“People are getting so addicted to Juuling,” junior Daniel Parry said. “They are doing more and more crazy stuff just so that they can get a hit even if that means risking their future.” 

Vaping and JUULing are negatively impacting MCPS youths. The US Food and Drug Administration warns that using a Juul involves inhaling metals such as nickel, tin, and aluminum directly into the lungs. Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan80 percent of youth saying they do not see great risk of harm from regular use of e-cigarettes despite the available information. 

“They talk about it all the time in school and on the news,” junior Sam Batis said. “Everyone knows the effects of vaping but young people still do it. I just know that they are really going to regret it later in their lives.” 

The Mayo Clinic states that nicotine dependence causes physical and mood-altering effects in people’s brains that are temporarily pleasing. These effects make nicotine uses want to use tobacco and lead to dependence. At the same time, stopping tobacco use causes withdrawal symptoms, including irritability and anxiety.

“People need to realize that drugs mess your body up really bad,” Batis said. “When you are addicted to drugs you never get out of it. It is a never-ending circle of addiction. Juuling usually leads to cigarettes and then you will really be addicted.”