CHS Students Take A Ride With Mario Kart Tour



Many CHS students play Nintendo’s newest Mario Kart mobile game on mobile.

Caden Troffkin, Opinion Editor

Nintendo released the Mario Kart Tour app on phones just over three weeks ago and it’s still the #1 Racing app on the IOS App Store. The majority of CHS students have already downloaded the game.

The game is a free-to-play app available for Android and IOS devices. Mario Kart Tour takes inspiration from all previous Mario Kart games but the races take place in different areas all around the world like New York and Tokyo. 

“Mario Kart Tour is a good game because it brings the old game to the modern world,” sophomore Marvin Juwillie said.

Every two weeks, Mario Kart Tour switches the current location. Last Wednesday, Mario Kart switched from New York to Tokyo. Whenever the setting changes, new location-themed characters are released as well. Mario Musician was released for the New York update. Peach (Kimono) and Mario (Hakama) were released for the Tokyo update. The entire Bowser family was also added to the Tokyo update.

Another popular feature is the rankings. Every week, there is a new cup that ranks your score with the goal being to get the most amount of points possible in that one week for that cup. The higher ranking players get, the more rewards they get. Players can also see their friends’ scores and compete with them.

“Mario Kart Tour is a really good game because it allows you to play with your friends in a timeless game,” sophomore Ariana Covas said

Mario Kart Tour players can also customize their play-style. Players can choose between Manual Drift,  Smart Steering and Gyro Handing which each offer players different advantages based on their preferences. 

“Mario Kart Tours races are short and efficient and that’s good because it doesn’t take a long time to just play one game,” sophomore Nick Fantle said.

Although the popularity has dwindled slightly, Mario Kart Tour is definitely a game that Coyotes want to get on their phones.