Seniors Switch Lanes About Parking Permits


Caden Troffkin

Clarksburg High Schools parking lot outside of the auditorium exit

Caden Troffkin, Opinion Editor

CHS has 100 parking spaces available for seniors with exceptions for OJT (On the job training) students and interns that drive to school. To receive one of these parking spaces CHS seniors need a parking permit. These permits were assigned randomly to students that filled out an application and returned them to the business office before the start of the 2019 semester. 

Seniors who choose semester parking have to resubmit an application every semester and pay $37.50 per each semester. However, seniors can choose to pay $75 and get a yearly parking permit. The money is non-refundable and will be collected from each student at the time the permits are issued. 

“It’s only $37.50 so it’s easily affordable for everyone,” senior Bailey Arensmeyer said.

Parking permits benefit the seniors because when they drive to school they have a reserved spot in the parking lot. This makes it so they don’t have to worry about finding a spot, which could cause them to be late to class. If there weren’t any parking permits and the student couldn’t find a parking space then they would have to park off campus which could cause them to be late to class.

“I believe the number one positive permits would be safety,” business administrator Claudette Eader said. “It is important that we control the parking with the permit process simply because of the limited number of spots available to our students.” 

Parking permits also prevent cars from overflowing the parking lot and causing traffic which could lead to car accidents. If there weren’t any parking permits then any student could drive to school and get a parking spot on a first-come, first-serve basis. The parking lot would be packed and that would cause traffic.

However, some students think that parking permits shouldn’t be required because of the cost and the lack of competition for parking spaces. 

“I think that parking permits are a bad idea and a rip off because I have to spend $37.50 a semester just to park my car in a spot I can’t select,” senior Max Bennett argued. “Also, there are so many open spots in the lot that are unused so there isn’t a need to take my money for the permit.”

Parking permits are definitely fair at CHS and seniors should definitely look into getting one for the school year.