Girls Volleyball Come Together To Build Unity



Varsity girls volleyball was an extremely supportive team this season including before their regular season match-up against RM.

Julian King, Contributor

The Clarksburg varsity girls volleyball team earned a near-perfect victory against Paint Branch Friday, Oct. 25 with 3-0 sweep on Senior Night. From the first few points, the supportive dynamic that the Coyotes had worked so hard on, was clearly on display.

“I feel that dynamic this year is definitely the best it’s been. We’re definitely more united as a team and cohesive, and we’re all more motivated to win our games,” said junior Bella Kaze.

The win finished the team’s regular-season record at 8-6 and earned them the sixth seed in this season’s playoffs. They faced third-seeded Northwest on Halloween and lost 3-0. 

“It’s been crazy watching the whole program grow from my freshman year, we were a lot weaker, but we’re doing better and better. I hope that when I come back in a couple of years that we’re one of the top teams” said senior Briana Loewke.

However, the loss of the team’s senior power also means that the juniors on the roster will have to step up to fill their shoes.

“As long as they stay active, playing volleyball, and practicing, they’re gonna be ready, they’ll be just as good as everybody else,” said coach Terry Smallwood.

However, the members who are sticking around for another season are feeling more energized about their team-to-come than ever.

“I love all of my teammates; they each have their own unique talents, but I believe that the juniors are definitely ready to take over once the seniors leave. After all, the majority of the team is juniors, all of [whom] have club experience which is super important for a program as competitive as Clarksburg’s,” said junior Natalie Kinnear.

Despite their loss to Northwest in the opening round of the playoffs last Thursday, the team still expects to remain competitive in a tough division next season.

“If I put the put the best 6 on the court we can be anyone no matter who it is,” said Smallwood. “I believe in them, and I believe that’s what we will do.”