Stabbing Incident Shocks Clarksburg Community



The stabbing took place at the Subway on Stringtown Road, Pictures above.

Kara Peeler, Editor-In-Chief

A teenage boy was stabbed during a shoe-sale gone wrong at the Subway on Stringtown Rd. in the Clarksburg community Sat., Nov. 9. Police received a call around 11:30 a.m., so the Montgomery County Police began investigating with K-9 forces. Upon investigation, officers found a steak knife lying on the ground nearby, which has now been declared the crime weapon. 

Police suspect that the victim knew the suspect and that the suspect was around the same age. The victim had agreed to meet up with the suspect to sell shoes, but the sale quickly went wrong; the suspect attempted robbery and then stabbed the victim. Despite the police’s search attempts, the suspect has yet to be arrested. 

The victim suffered severe injuries and was likely headed to the Shock Trauma Unit in Baltimore, but his condition is non-life-threatening. 

Because of the attack, the Clarksburg community is concerned by this violence and hopes that Clarksburg can keep its reputation as a safe place, especially considering how it is home to three elementary schools, two middle schools, and CHS. In fact, CHS itself is a mere 1.2 miles from the site of the crime. 

“I’m very concerned about the safety of my peers due to the incident,” said sophomore Aditi Banka. 

Others were not as surprised due to increasing violence being commonplace, regardless of Clarksburg being a seemingly safe suburban area. 

“It is quite scary but sadly it is not all that surprising,” said English teacher Yaseman Bright who lives in the Clarksburg area and attended a nearby high school when she was a student. “I think it’s pretty safe but these kinds of things happen everywhere. When I was buying a house, and looking at assault reports, you always get surprised by how many assaults happen in pretty much every neighborhood and it just freaks you out in general.” 

Unfortunately, this same area has historically had problems. ProCare Pharmacy, only doors down from the Subway, has been victim to multiple armed robberies. On March 23, 2017, the pharmacy was robbed by a man with a gun, and a similar robbery occurred just two years earlier on Sept. 3, 2015

“It’s a hotspot for crime,” said senior Ariana Sanford. 

The pattern of violence is extremely coincidental considering that Clarksburg’s crime rate is so low. The Clarksburg total crime per 100,000 people is estimated at 1,860 people, much lower than the national average of 2,756. Similarly, of its 1,860 crimes, 342 are violent compared to a national rate of 394. 

“It’s one of the biggest problems that we face in America is violence and crime are increasing,” said Sanford.