CHS Family Spices Up Local Restaurant


Adnan Allen

Janice and Ashley Allen have transformed the restaurant formerly known as Bennigans into The Clarksburg Tavern.

Morgan Bragg, Reporter

Restauranteur Janice Allen recently purchased the Bennigan’s in Clarksburg for $250K and has turned the establishment into the new Clarksburg Tavern where they continue to sell food to the surrounding Clarksburg community. 

Janice Allen started working there in early 2018 and quickly rose to a manager by always having a smile on her face and greeting the guests with respect and care. She has raised her kids in Clarksburg. 

“I just wanted to do my job well and make sure everyone had the best possible experience,” Janice Allen said. “After getting to a manager position, I started to realize that I wanted to purchase this place and make it even better.” 

Soon after Janice Allen became a manager, her eldest daughter Ashley Allen joined the restaurant to help her mom out. As soon as she started working, she started to put money aside to finish the payments for the restaurant. Because they did not have all the money upfront, they would have to pay $250K over the course of several months. 

“After I started working there, I saw what my mom meant by it being special. It was a very cute and cozy place. After a talk with my mom, we both decided that buying Bennigan’s was a must,” Clarksburg Tavern co-owner Ashley Allen said. “My mom and I both wanted to own the restaurant so that we could sort of make a new trend in Clarksburg.” 

CHS junior Adnan Allen was the most recent family member to start working at Bennigan’s. He wanted to become a part of the local business and help his mother and sister. Adnan Allen started off as a dishwasher and quickly became a well-liked and respected host. He did that by being very polite and treating every customer with a lot of respect.

“I love working there, everyone is so happy and friendly to each other,” Adnan Allen said. “Everyone there is great, it is like a big happy family!”

The Clarksburg Tavern has made a few upgrades compared to Bennigan’s. There is now a newly upgraded menu with new and healthier options. The interior of the restaurant has also been upgraded to stay with new trends.

“We changed a lot about the restaurant. We wanted to make a nice, chill place where families can come and relax,” Janice Allen said. “We wanted to bring the good people of Clarksburg a nice hot meal with good fast service at a reasonable price.