Coyote Sophomore Switches Athletic “Track”


Serena Anderson

CHS sophomore Alexis Thornton is a successful track runner after dreaming about volleyball stardom.

Ayanna John, Reporter

As a kid growing up in Germantown, CHS sophomore Alexis Thornton always knew she wanted to be a professional volleyball player, not a track sprinter.  

When she was younger, she and her family would go to her older cousin’s volleyball games and she was always fascinated by how well her cousin played. That’s when she decided she wanted to join a team and become a professional volleyball player.

However, her parents wanted her to do track and field since they both did it during high school. Both of her parents performed very well during their track careers. Her mom won athlete of the year for her junior year and her dad won several awards over the years. Initially, Thornton didn’t like the idea, but gradually over time, she realized it was the right thing to do.

“At first, track was very difficult and I thought I would never be able to achieve anything in it, but as time went by I became better and better and now I’m doing very well,” Thornton said.

It was hard for her at first because she wasn’t in shape and barely exercised. She also was a slow runner in general. 

Even though she had a rough start, she was able to do better by training and working out a lot with her mom. Her mom Mysesha Thornton always had faith in her and knew she was capable of succeeding in it as long as she tried her best.

“I knew it was a good idea to let her join the track team because I believed in her and knew she had the potential to do well,” said Myesha Thornton.

She also practiced with her cousin on the weekends for more support to help with her performance. They would go to their local gym to work out and then practice running around the track outside. Now Thornton participates in 200, 300, and sometimes 400-meter sprints. 

“She has done so well in track. Just a while ago, she was complaining about it being so hard and how she wants to quit but now she excels in it and I’m so proud of her,” said her cousin Kennedy Carter.

After doing track for three years now, Thornton is very passionate about it and plans to continue the sport for as long as she desires. 

“As long as you push yourself to keep moving forward, you’ll be able to achieve many goals in life,” Thornton said.