Baby Yoda Steals Our Hearts


The Wrap

The image above shows Baby Yoda minding his own business drinking his broth.

Morgan Bragg, Reporter

Baby Yoda first stole audiences’ hearts during the first episode of The Mandalorian on the streaming service Disney+, when he was saved by a Mandalorian from a deadly bounty hunter. 

Baby Yoda first started showing his powers to the bounty hunter, who becomes his caretaker. This warmed the hearts of many fans because even though the bounty hunter is supposed to protect Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda protects him.

Senior Santiago Burke mentioned that the first time he heard about Disney+ was “when [he] was watching a football game with [his] family. After the ad was over we were all interested in seeing The Mandalorian.”  Burke said that they “purchased Disney+ about an hour later. Since then we excitedly wait every week for the new episode to air so we can see Baby Yoda do something cool and cute.” 

After the first episode of The Mandalorian aired, Baby Yoda quickly rose to superstar status. There were ads showing him all over television and people were loving what he does in the show with his lack of dialogue and his huge heart. He is so popular that merchandise and even memes are being made about him. 

“My favorite thing about baby Yoda is that he is so small and cute,” said junior Hunter Marsh. “I love seeing the endless stream of Baby Yoda memes because they make me laugh a lot.”

` With The Mandalorian taking place after the fall of the Empire, people speculate that Baby Yoda will be in the next installment of the Star Wars trilogy, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. However, director J.J. Abrams has confirmed that Baby Yoda will not be appearing in the new movie which premiered last night.

“At first I was excited that Baby Yoda would be in the new Star Wars but then I saw that he will not be appearing which made me a little disappointed,” said teacher Todd Sprites. “I was looking forward to baby Yoda doing something crazy, like taking on Kylo Ren or using the force of people.” 

Baby Yoda has shown just a small bit of how powerful he really is. Due to him being so young for his species he is inexperienced with his powers. Perhaps, as Baby Yoda gets older and matures, he will understand how to control them. 

“Baby Yoda really had me impressed when he first appeared. He was extremely cute and looked great for a 50-year-old!” exclaimed Burke. “When he started to use the force I started to get a lot of nostalgic memories.”