Senior Embraces Changing Environments


Fenty Suwito

Senior Bryant Ndongmo, pictured above, continues in his passion for track.

Sam Eig, Reporter

For most children raised under the influence of the American education system, the path to graduation and further success remains relatively unchanged. After primary school has been completed, many go off to college in which they seek degrees in fields they ultimately wish to contribute to. 

While the progression from child to young adult oftentimes seems formulaic, the same cannot be said for CHS senior Bryant Ndongmo’s upbringing.

Spending only his first few infantile months in Georgia, Bryant Ndongmo and his family soon relocated to Michigan. After six years, he had successfully grown accustomed to the state’s warm summers and freezing cold winters. Even more, he developed a core group of elementary school friends, while simultaneously excelling in the classroom. 

Despite his social and intellectual advancement, his parents decided to upend their seemingly comfortable establishment in exchange for a new surrounding. However, unlike the family’s previous moves, this one would take them beyond the borders of the United States, all the way in Zambia. 

“We really weren’t sure about moving. Bryant had made very close friends and we liked where we were living. Part of working for the CDC involves moving,” said Bryant’s father Clement Ndongmo.

All of a sudden Bryant Ndongmo’s sense of comfort had vanished. Unlike before, he no longer had friends to lean on or an established place to call home. That being said, this was his new home at least for the time being.

“We made a point to encourage Bryant to try and go beyond his comfort zone. We obviously knew this was going to be hard for him,” said Bryant’s mother Therese Ndongmo.

Sticking to their intention, they pushed their son to embrace what life had to offer in Zambia. Following their encouragement, Bryant Ndongmo found himself playing basketball. 

“If it wasn’t for basketball, I’m not exactly sure what I would have done. It really did bring me out of my shell,” proclaimed Bryant Ndongmo.

Despite initial apprehension, the move ultimately equated to a rather fulfilling nine years for Bryant and his family. Upon his return to the U.S., Bryant explored his newfound passion for track. He also continued his excellence in the classroom. In return for his achievements, he received admission into not only his dream school but one of the most prestigious in the world.

Bryant concluded, “If it hadn’t been for moving overseas, I honestly have no idea how I would have turned out. It’s safe to say I have no regrets.”