Top 10 Reasons We’re Proud to Be Coyotes

As a student at Clarksburg High School, there are many reasons to love being a coyote.

Kara Peeler, Editor-In-Chief

Kara Peeler
You won’t want to miss this list about why we love our school.

1. We have the best teachers

“There are teachers who really care about what they are teaching and are motivated to help you. They’re great resources,” said junior Vagmi Luhar. 

Mrs. Evelyn Aguilar, a Spanish teacher, is a nominee for the 2020 Marian Greenblatt Master Teacher Award.

2. Because the theater program totally killed it in the Cappies 

The Cappies program revolves around journalism and theater, where critics attend school shows and judge them accordingly. The competition is harsh but the CHStage program thrived with “The Addams Family” in 2017. 

“Our first year of being a Cappies school we were nominated for five Cappies. We won in two categories,” said theater teacher Michelle Meyer. 

Considering the intense competition, winning so many awards their first year is an impressive feat. 

This year, CHStage put on a production of “Bring It On.”

The CHStage program puts out amazing productions every year, both musicals and plays.

3. The plentiful opportunities for students 

CHS is home to a vast array of options so that students have access to opportunities that will set them up for a better future. 

One such option is that students can take classes at Montgomery College, at a nearby campus or online. 

“I think it’s pretty cool because it offers an opportunity for us to learn what college will be like,” said junior Asma Tariq. “It puts you in a class for students that are self-led. They also offer a lot more interesting topics so I am happy that CHS offers this.” 

Similarly, we offer programs such as the APPS program, P-TECH, ACES, the Thomas Edison Center, JROTC.  There are also many additional career pathway programs, such as the Academy of Health and Biosciences, Fire Science and Rescue Program, Project Lead the Way, Network Operations, Child Development, and CCRD. 

In combination with a host of honor societies, students can always find a program that meets their interests to help them demonstrate their academic achievement and prepare for the future.   

Montgomery College
Many CHS students, especially upperclassmen, choose to dual enroll and earn college credit at MC.

4. Our killer holiday tree 

This year, we put up a winter tree to celebrate the many holidays that students may celebrate this winter season. School clubs and teams were invited to decorate ornaments so that everyone’s work could be represented on the three. 

Though not affiliated with the administration, the tree was topped with a cut-out of Principal Owusu’s face.

CHS students added a cut out of Principal Owusu’s face to the Winter Tree, showcased by the main stairway.

5. CHS’s many SMOB successes 

Last year, senior Zoe Tishaev was a SMOB finalist, representing our school. Though she didn’t win, Tishaev still made the school proud. 

In 2014, then-senior Dahlia Huh from CHS became the SMOB and served a full year working on students’ behalves in front of the Board of Education.

Zoe Tishaev
Senior Zoe Tishaev is a student activist who made it as a finalist for the 2019-2020 SMOB.
CHS alumnus Dahlia Huh served as the 37th SMOB , starting in 2014.

6. When the CHS choir made it big 

“The Clarksburg choirs performed with the National Youth Chorus at Carnegie Hall,” said

chorus teacher Amy Vanek. 

Performing at the prestigious location was a monumental experience for many students and their performance was a total hit. 

The CHS choir represented our school well with their amazing performance.

7. We have our own podcast 

Coyotea is a podcast led by junior Sagun Shrestha who is also Editor in Chief. The podcast 

entails issues that relate to the CHS community, and more episodes are coming soon! Check it out here

Sagun Shrestha
Editor-In-Chief Sagun Shrestha produces a podcast called Coyotea.

8. When we hosted a town hall for the Moco Councilmembers 

People from the entire upcounty community came to voice their concerns at this meeting. Students gather to advocate for their causes and ask questions about their concerns regarding areas such as equality, diversity, school safety, curriculums, the boundary study, and even budgeting. 

Here at CHS, the MoCo Council allowed students’ voices to be heard so everyone knows that they can make a difference.

Charlotte Sanford
CHS hosted, from left to right, Gabe Albornoz, Sidney Katz, Nancy Navarro, Craig Rice, and Shebra Evans, at the Youth Town Hall.

9. Because we kill it with our cultural assemblies 

Every year, we have the tradition of having cultural assemblies where students are invited to showcase their cultures in performances ranging from dance to poetry. This allows people to learn about other cultures while showing off pride for their own. This year it was a hit, and the XTreme Latin Dance team was even awarded a first-place trophy from a previous contest. 

The annual cultural assembly featured a variety of talented acts.

10. Our inspiring catchphrases 

Principal Owusu is known to always say, “Be good, do good,” providing a motto for our school to

follow. Additionally, the athletic program has its own catchphrase: “43 Teams. One Pack.” These saying unite the school. 

CHS Athletics
Clarksburg Athletics use this logo to represent how there are 43 teams and one pack at CHS.