Why Clarksburg Students Need Open-lunch


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CHS students should be capable of eating lunch outside of the school with an open lunch period.

Joe Laffman, Reporter

CHS students have been waiting a long time to be rewarded with open-lunch and here’s why they should get it.

Most students do not enjoy the school lunch and they lack time in the mornings to make their own. 

Senior Bailey Arensmeyer says that the school lunches are “not enjoyable” and he stopped buying lunch shortly after the first time he tried it. Arensmeyer later mentions that bunches of students leave anyways and if the school gives them open-lunch, they will not be at fault if something were to happen to a student that leaves. Currently, Arensmeyer explains that “the school is responsible for any incidents to a student who leaves campus.”

Another reason that students should be given open-lunch is that they have other responsibilities during the day. 

Senior Max Bennett says that “many students have two parents that work and they have pets that need to be tended to.” Because the students do not have an open-lunch, their parents have to rush out of work to walk the dog or the poor animal will have to wait all day to eat any food or to even use the bathroom. If anyone really does care about their pets, think about how bad they would feel if their pet just laid at home all day, unable to see anyone or do anything until three o’clock.

Teachers may not agree with students, although they definitely should. 

History teacher Brian Alspaugh mentioned that he does not think the students should be granted open lunches because they are “not responsible enough.” 

Some students may leave campus and not return, and some are not responsible enough, but open-lunch will leave teachers with a lot more free time. With all of the students leaving for lunch, teachers will have fewer students coming for help, which will increase time to grade papers, eat their lunch, and talk to their friends. It will lift the stress off of teachers because they will get more done during lunch and won’t have to scram it in when they get home and want some family time.

Granting students open lunch will prove to be beneficial to everyone. Students and staff will both get to enjoy themselves a little more and have some alone time in their day. If students don’t obey the rules, it will only negatively affect them because they will get unexcused absences and missed work. It could help students with time management and teachers will finally be able to relax during their lunches.