More Space, More Benefits

The Only Way to Expand CHS is Up


A third floor would help the school in many ways.

Ayanna John, Reporter

A third-floor addition to CHS, which is overcapacity, would be beneficial for teachers and students to provide more space for over 2,100 students attending the school during the 2019-2020 school year. 

CHS is one of the most overcrowded schools in Montgomery County, yet it only has two floors. Student enrollment continues to grow by more than 800 students by the end of the six-year planning period. There have been more schools being built each year, but CHS student enrollment is still more than it should be. Adding a third floor would help significantly with this problem. 

“I think having a third floor for the school would be a great idea because there are so many people at this school and the hallways get overcrowded, so it’s harder to get to your classes on time,” said sophomore Alexis Thornton. 

Many students struggle with getting through the hallways easily without being stuck in crowds. It’s difficult for them to get to classes, especially if their next class is far from their last one. Also, another contribution to this problem is the people who decide to block the hallways to talk to their friends, etc. 

“Having a third floor would be perfect for having more classrooms for teachers and more space in general. Maybe possibly building a swimming pool on the roof, “ said English teacher Samantha Calarusse. 

There are also more opportunities for students to get more one on one time with the teachers if there are more classes with a smaller amount of students in each one. It has also been said that overcrowded classes have contributed to low test scores, so if you reduce the class size, test scores may become better. 

“Hopefully in the future, Clarksburg will consider adding a third floor to make the school more spacious and effective for students and staff,” said sophomore Ansh Dhugga. 

Not only do the students think it will impact the school. Even the teachers believe that the addition will benefit the school. 

“Classes becoming smaller is perfect for improving students’ learning and focus,” said sophomore Carley Neidecker.