Longer School Days, More Stress

According to American Psychological Association, 65% of students experience stress from school.

Rob Norris via Sutori

According to American Psychological Association, 65% of students experience stress from school.

Ayanna John, Reporter

Many students believe high school is one of the most stressful things in their lives due to the unwanted pressure it puts on them. 

A typical American school day is six to eight hours starting between seven and nine a.m., which means students have to wake up early in the morning just to sit in a classroom for hours on end. Child Mind Institute, providing the highest quality evidence-based care to children and adolescents, has shown that school causes chronic sleep deprivation in teens which makes it more difficult to focus in class and affects the brain’s ability to consolidate. Other problems include not having enough time to study or do homework and giving less time to do other activities outside of school. 

Students would most likely arrive to class on time because since the days are shorter that means classes would also be shorter, which they can tolerate. Students would be able to work at a calmer, more patient pace without having to rush knowing they will have more time for doing activities they are passionate about and assignments at home.

Besides students, teachers would also benefit from shorter school days. They would have more time to grade papers and could spend more time with their families. 

“I have to do track after school every day for two hours. Because of that, it gives me less time to sleep with the amount of homework I have and less time to study for tests,” said sophomore Amaya Haye.

Many students are a part of extracurricular activities outside of school such as sports, community service, arts, and more. Having longer days gives students less time to do homework and study for their classes, especially for the activities that end at night. It causes them to stay up later than they should. 

“When I get to school, I’m so tired. It makes it so hard for me to focus and understand what we’re learning because all I want to do is fall back asleep,” said sophomore Ansh Dhugga. 

Getting extra sleep whether it’s before or after school, which lowers stress levels and gives them more energy. 

“I think our school days are fairly short, but allowing students to get out earlier would give them more opportunities for things like internships, jobs, or athletics,” said Spanish teacher Amanda Lawrence. 

Many students are very eager for shorter school days to happen. 

“I wish we had shorter school days so I can improve my sleep schedule, have more time for extracurricular activities, and help maintain a healthy social life,” said junior Alicia Tran.