Injured Athlete Becomes Manager, Then Captain

Senior Strives Through Adversity to Help Track Team


Sam Eig

Sohan Ganatra is getting back in shape for outdoor track after missing the entire indoor season.

Sam Eig, Reporter

As fall sports came to a close and winter teams re-emerged, large quantities of CHS students found themselves gearing up for what they hoped would be upcoming athletic success and progression. However, for one Coyote athlete, in particular, their reality proved different. 

Unlike those starting their engines, senior track athlete Sohan Ganatra found himself sidelined with an injury.

What was initially thought to be a muscle strain, later revealed itself to be an unforgiving stress fracture in his right shin. Suddenly, Ganatra’s expected stint on the injured list promised to extend into February.

“It was one of the saddest days of my life. All I wanted to do was run,” confessed Ganatra.

Despite the shattering news, Ganatra quickly redirected his focus from himself to the team he had dedicated so much of his time to. 

Fellow senior track athlete Ken Korzeniewski explained, “When Sohan informed me that he wouldn’t be able to run indoor track, it really was a buzz-kill. But his commitment to the team remained obvious.”

While Clarksburg attended meet after meet, with varying results, Ganatra’s presence represented the one constant. 

“I was running the mile and every time I came around to where the team was set-up, I heard Sohan cheering me on. He never ceased to make me and the others feel supported,” proclaimed junior track athlete Andrew Cox.

Not satisfied with merely attending each and every competition, Ganatra soon adopted the position of team manager towards the end of December. With the title, came responsibility. 

Ganatra clarified, “I was in charge of timing lap splits and recording results. It may seem boring to others, but it was the least I could do for the team.”

Ganatra’s season, though undeniably disappointing, has left him with a sense of satisfaction and persisting pride.

Ganatra admitted, “This season was a lot more fun than it had any right to be.”