5 CHS Students Charged After Bathroom Robbery Reveals Handgun


Germantown Pulse

Multiple CHS students were charged by MCPD after a gun was stolen during a robbery inside a school bathroom.

Morgan Bragg, Reporter

5 CHS students were arrested Monday, Feb. 10 after one teen brought a handgun to school and was robbed by other students inside a school bathroom. 

Just after 1 p.m., an administrator informed school resource officer Jonathan Pruziner that a CHS student was robbed in one of the school bathrooms. The resource officer quickly sprung into action to resolve the matter. Pruziner found a loaded handgun magazine in the student’s possession. 

“I didn’t know what happened at first. I saw a bunch of teachers and school officials running towards the front of the building,” said junior Chase Aldous. “I asked my friend if they knew what was going on and they had no idea.”

Detectives later discovered that the student was robbed by four other CHS students in a school bathroom. During the altercation, the four students stole the teen’s gun, wallet, and cash. 

“It was a terrible tragedy. Innocent people could have been hurt or even killed,” said junior Sam Batis. 

Five students were charged after the event: three were charged as juveniles and two students were charged as adults. 

“It is crazy that a child can bring a weapon like that in a school,” said CHS parent Danielle Laffman. “They should try and do some random searches to see if a kid does actually bring something like that to school.”

This is the second gun-related incident at CHS in the past two years. Almost two years to the day, a CHS student brought a loaded gun to school. That incident came a day after the infamous Parkland HS shooting in Florida. Now, this latest incident may impact the lives of CHS students, both those involved and even those who were not. 

“I think they made a big mistake and I believe that it should never have to come to someone bringing a gun to school. That is going to be on their permanent record now and it will never leave them,” said junior Nick Shifflett. “They are going to have a really hard time getting past this in their professional life. There is no need to bring a deadly weapon to a school.”

As of right now the firearm that the students stole is still being looked for. It is an ongoing investigation and there is still more information being uncovered.