Clarksburg Sinks Pink

Student Group Advocates for Cancer Societies


Coyotes For a Cure

During the varsity basketball sink pink games, the Coyotes For A Cure raised money and awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Joe Laffman, Reporter

Pink shirts stormed the Coyote Den Feb. 11 for its annual Sink Pink charity basketball game.

During the game, the Relay For Life club and the “Coyotes for a Cure” team ran a bake sale consisting of candies, chocolates, and many baked goods such as donuts, brownies, and the front lobby. They helped to raise a lot of money for cancer on this special night. 

Junior boys team manager Jackson Harshey said that the bake sale was a “great idea to raise money while also giving people something to enjoy while watching the game.” 

Many people came to the table to buy snacks throughout both games. Lots of customers also decided to make direct donations to the fundraiser rather than just buying food.

Many staff in attendance visited the table and made their donations to the cancer fundraiser.

History teacher Brian Alspaugh said that the students did an “awesome job.” He was impressed by how involved the students and the basketball players were and their efforts to raise awareness.

Part of the money raised was awarded to the Relay For Life program, while the other portion was given to the “Coyotes for a Cure” team on their mission to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The boys’ varsity basketball team ended the night with a dominant 78-31 win over BCC, while the girls’ varsity basketball team lost in a nailbiter. CHS students flooded the stand with all pink outfits and enthusiastic cheers.

Junior boys player Shane Troffkin mentioned that yesterday was “one of the best team games” they have ever played. He later said that it was great to see “everyone eating.” Clarksburg had a phenomenal game and won by nearly 50 points. They showed up to play on a big night when all of the fans came out to see.

The game was full of delicious treats and fun, all while doing a good deed for a great cause.