Clarksburg Hosts Regionals Wrestling Tournament


Tony Kosiyachinda

Three members of the Clarksburg wrestling qualified for the state tournament after regionals.

Sagun Shrestha, Editor-In-Chief

For the third year in a row, CHS hosted the 4A & 3A West 2020 Region Wrestling Tournaments, which spanned a total of two days, from Friday, Feb. 28 to Saturday, Feb. 29.

Wrestlers qualified for regionals one of two ways: either by earning enough points throughout the season and the top 8 out of 22 schools are able to compete, or by placing in the top 6 in the county tournament held the weekend before.

“It was a great honor to host the regional tournament for the last 3 years. It requires a lot of work from our community to put on this event,” said coach Robert Pinsky. “It requires a lot of work from our community to put on this event.”

By the end of the event, three CHS students qualified for the state tournament, which will take place from Thurs. March 5 to Sat. March 7. Sophomore Natalie Allen and Junior Alex Gonzalez were both region champions, and senior Santiago Burke-Carreno took 3rd place, each in their respective categories.

“I’m very happy for the 3 wrestlers that made states,” said Pinsky. “However, we had 5 qualify last year, so our expectations were higher than 3. We had several very deserving wrestlers not qualify simply because their particular weight classes were extremely competitive.”

Those who did qualify for states have high hopes for the next tournament and are confident in their ability to succeed.

“I thought that the tournament had a lot of talent, but I knew I could win,” said Gonzalez. “It feels good to have qualified. This is my second time and I hope to do well. The next goal for states is to place top 6.”

The wrestlers emphasized the work that goes into the season and how their hard work and dedication paid off leading up to the regional tournament and then qualifying for the state tournament.

“It was fun. The tournament took two days to complete and was long and hard,” said Burke-Carreno. “It feels good like I’ve accomplished something big. It was a long and tedious season and it’s good to see how all the work you put in is paying off with qualifying for states.”

The regional tournament was deemed a success, especially with the mobilization of parent and student volunteers, which made sure the event ran smoothly while also boosting morale.

“Our parents are amazing. So many of them donated their time and sleep to make this a special event. Our coaches worked hard, JV wrestlers also contributed by setting up the gym, selling shirts and programs. Boosters were busy selling concessions,” said Pinsky. “It was a collaborative effort from the whole community and we did an amazing job.”