CHS Football Coach Steps Down


Giovanni Pizzino

Former football coach Bob Plante resigned earlier this month and now Clarksburg must find his successor.

Joe Laffman, Reporter

CHS football coach Bob Plante resigned from his position Monday, Feb. 24. Plante finished his Clarksburg career after 3 years with an overall record of 12-17 (including 1 winning season).

Plante became coach as the Coyotes were struggling to stay competitive in northern MoCo against schools like Damascus, Quince Orchard, and Northwest. After one season, he led Clarksburg to a much-needed 6-4 winning season in 2018.

Plante was admired by his players for his fiery, yet encouraging personality. 

Junior Nick Shifflett said that Plante is a “phenomenal guy” and “cares a lot about his players.” Shifflett spoke about how Plante cared deeply for his players on and off the field. 

Shifflett and others appreciated how Plante stuck with them through the off-season, attending many team events and keeping players on track for the upcoming seasons. Plante was more than just a coach; he was a role model for the young men on the team.

According to current players, Plante changed the Clarksburg football mentality. He inspired players to work harder and never slack off.

Junior Kyle D’Attilio mentions that he was “on the verge of crying” when the news broke of Plante;’s retirement. 

Although the team struggled to win as often as they would have liked,  most players never missed an opportunity to put in work and get better. The team was either out on the field or in the weight room every single day from the beginning of summer until the end of the season. Plante implanted an “edge” onto players that made them want to work, to try, and to win.

Currently, the search for a new head coach is still ongoing. No big games have been revealed but there are candidates for the position.

Athletic Director Ed Dalton made it clear that the school is “accepting applicants” and will soon decide who to interview. Dalton is optimistic that they will find a great new leader and head coach to fill the head coaching position. Dalton also said that he will “ hopefully name a new coach before the end of March.”

Dalton and the rest of the Clarksburg staff are looking forward to finding a new coach in order to get a quick start and begin developing chemistry in preparation for next season.