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CHS Holds a Third School Dance for First Time Ever.


Ayanna John

CHS Holds a Third School Dance for the First Time Ever.

Ayanna John, Reporter

For the first time ever, CHS has planned a third dance during the school year to go along with the traditional Homecoming and Prom dances.

The “Sundown Dance” will be held tonight from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. in the auxiliary gym. There will be snacks provided and a DJ playing today’s top hits. Just like Homecoming, tickets cost $20. All the money goes towards the “Thirst Project” to build a well that will provide a community in Africa free, clean, drinkable water for life. 

CHS senior Manuela Ferro took the lead as the event planner after thinking about making the dance happen during her freshman and junior year.  Unfortunately, those plans had to be delayed due to a lack of student support and a lack of assistance in planning and coordinating. Finally, this year she made sure the dance was going to happen during her final year in high school.  

“I first got someone to help me with this and then we got approval and the date set,” said Ferro. “After that I picked out the theme and all the small details. Overall it was extremely difficult and stressful, but definitely worth it in the end.” 

Tickets were sold at lunch this entire week at the auditorium concession stand. Tickets sell fast, so permission slips are to be signed and approved immediately. Forms are found in the main office. 

Unlike Homecoming, this dance is not formal. The outfit theme is to wear either neon, glow-in-the-dark, rainbow, or tie-dye. 

“I like how we finally get a dance where we don’t have to dress up. It’s less effort and we can be more comfortable while dancing,” said sophomore Aligyah Penn. 

Students are definitely looking forward to this dance.  

“I’m really glad this dance is happening because it’s for such a great cause and us students get to have another school dance.” said sophomore Nayeli Perez.