Boys Basketball Falls in Region Championship


Sohan Ganatra

The varsity boys basketball team came together this season despite a high amount of injuries to compete at the Regional Final.

Sam Eig, Reporter

The CHS varsity boys basketball team stepped onto the court at Richard Montgomery March 5 for the first time since breaking the Rockets’ previous home winning streak back in late January with a shot at winning the Regional Final and advancing to the State Tournament.

However, unlike the previous matchup, this one would leave them disappointed. Richard Montgomery emerged victorious by a score of 68-61. 

To say that this defeat ruined the satisfaction they had prior to the game would be utterly false.

“We probably had one of the best boys basketball years in Clarksburg history,” senior Elias Haddad explained. “We had ups and downs, but everything was just motivation to work harder.”

Indeed, through motivation, the Clarksburg boys succeeded. Winning a total of 17 games despite multiple injuries, they established themselves as undeniably competitive throughout the entirety of the county. Once healthy, the Coyotes won their first two playoff games against Thomas Jefferson and Gaithersburg by 18 and 17 points respectively.

Though they enjoyed athletic success, winning was far from the only thing they took away from the season.

“We just had a great time playing together. Everyone treated each other like family,” admitted senior Rahul Parekh.

The team is fortunate to bring a number of players who saw significant playing time for next season including junior Ryan Prather who set the program record in career scoring during the playoff run. Also returning are four guards: juniors NuNu Taylor and Shane Troffkin, and sophomores CJ Lee and Bankeys Omari.

Unfortunately, like most good things in life, nothing lasts forever. For the graduating seniors, this would be an understatement. 

“As a senior myself, it can be hard to accept that this is my last season playing basketball at Clarksburg,” senior Daequan McAdam confessed. “It has always been something I enjoyed and looked forward to at the end of the day. That said, I know the team is in good hands moving forward.”