CHS Senior Lends a Hand in Time of Crisis

Nakanishi Makes Dozens of Masks During Quarantine


Kaili Nakanishi

CHS senior Kaili Nakanishi has made dozens of masks for friends and family during quarantine.

Sam Eig, Reporter

There is no denying the hardship that has encompassed the last two months of American life. With people out of jobs, short on payments, and simply bored out of their minds, hope to a certain degree has been shelved. To make matters worse, a solution to the ongoing pandemic is currently out of sight. 

Despite the stress most have adopted, many have emerged as standout citizens amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. CHS senior Kaili Nakanishi is among these notable individuals. 

Prior to the onset, the only thing on Kaili’s radar was college preparedness. She had been admitted to the University of Maryland, College Park and simply wanted her last year of high school to be over with. Little did she know that the end would be closer than originally anticipated.

“When I found out we were going to be out of school for an indefinite amount of time, I was admittedly relieved. That said, I quickly realized that I needed to fill my time with something to maintain my sanity,” said Kaili.

In an effort to preserve such sanity, Kaili opted to aid in the fight against the Coronavirus. From her basement in Germantown, Maryland, Kaili produced dozens of masks for surrounding neighbors that lacked access to the prized possession. 

Kaili’s contributions were far from unnoticed. Moreover, locals proved quite appreciative of her efforts.

Neighbor and fellow CHS senior Allison Vo explained, “Before Kaili had gotten in touch with me, my family and I were struggling to gather masks from the store since the demand was so high. To say Kaili came through for us would be an understatement.”

Nakanishi not only garnered admiration from her peers but praise from her parents as well.

Kaili’s mother, Vicki Nakanishi asserted, “What Kaili’s done for her local community is remarkable. We are so proud of the time and effort she’s put into helping those around her.”