Coyotes Donate to Medical Workers and the Elderly

Youth Service Club Gives Thanks and Positivity to Local Groups


Ansh Dhugga

CHS students made gifts of thanks and positivity for local medical workers and senior citizens.

Ayanna John, Reporter

During this Covid-19 outbreak, CHS sophomore Ansh Dhugga and the Clarksburg Youth Service Club got together and decided to find a way to give back to the community. 

Many medical workers have risked their lives just to protect and take care of the citizens diagnosed with Covid-19. This stressful effort is affecting workers’ mental health severely. Causing anxiety and a lot of extra stress on them. 

“More than two dozen US healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic have died from the coronavirus,” says Business Insider

Dhugga and the Clarksburg Youth Service Club decided to reach out to the medical workers at Shady Grove Medical Center. They wanted to give thanks to all the workers there and show them that they appreciate their hard work to save the lives of people with Covid-19.  

“We made a bunch of cards for them with positive messages just to show them we care. On top of that, we gave them many boxes of cookies as a treat,” said Dhugga. 

Not only did they donate to Shady Grove Medical Center, but they also remembered to care for the area’s senior citizens since getting Covid-19 is significantly higher in the elderly population. They donated cards and cookies to Catherine’s House Elderly Assisted Living and Benjamin Gaither Senior Center. 

“I’m so glad we were able to show love and support for the senior citizens. It’s really sad to know that every day more and more of them pass away due to the disease, so this is the most we can do to provide for them,” said sophomore Sakshi Shetty. 

Dhugga and the Clarksburg Youth Service Club hope that the medical workers and senior citizens stay safe during this time. 

“ I’m happy we were able to do a good deed for the community and look forward to doing more in the future,” said sophomore Sruthi Vuji.