Canvas vs. Google Classroom


Vector Stock, Natalie Kinnear

Google Classroom and Canvas battle it out, but only one will survive the school year.

Natalie Kinnear, Reporter

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a rise in the use of online education platforms. The two most popular platforms being Canvas and Google Classroom. 

Students and teachers have both voiced their opinions on which platform they prefer and how they are adjusting to the use of Canvas during the new school year. 

Junior Mya Lee has used Google classroom since elementary school and said, “Google classroom for sure. It’s easier and there’s less tabs to navigate through. I’ve been using it for longer so I’m more used to it,” 

It appears that the preference of Google Classroom over Canvas isn’t unique to one grade of CHS students from freshman to seniors, the majority have voiced their support for Google Classroom, and their opposition to Canvas. 

 “I like [Canvas] but there’s so much going on that you can’t find half of your assignments and it’s cluttered,” sophomore Kylie Kirk said.

As teachers also make the switch from Google Classroom to Canvas, the responses have been more mixed.

English teacher Lisa Runyon showed strong support for Google Classroom and said “Google Classroom rocks. I have only used it for a few years, but it is intuitive, user friendly, and allows teachers to be more on top of students and their work and work in progress.  With GC, I never had issues.” 

Runyon also added, “I have shifted to Canvas. I have learned a lot and still learn something new almost daily, but it has been a super challenge.  It is much more challenging, much less intuitive; things disappear.  It doesn’t always sync correctly, you have to save to check your work, then click edit again to keep changing.  What took a click or two in Google Classroom now takes much more work. Students also have many struggles.”

Some teachers are a bit more hopeful and see a future with Canvas.

Social Studies teacher Richard Noland stated, “Honestly not a fan of Canvas yet, but I see more potential using this platform. Google classroom is very familiar and a bit more user-friendly but I think as time goes on Canvas platform will become a great tool to use,” When asked how he is adjusting to the use of Canvas he added [that there are] “still growing pains, thank goodness for youtube.”

Lastly, some teachers believe the best education platform for online school is different from what works best for in-person learning.

Science teacher Meghan Wilson said, “I prefer Canvas because it has a lot more capabilities in a virtual setting than Google Classroom.  I have only started using it this year. It has taken me a lot of time to learn how to do things like create quizzes. It seems very time-consuming compared to Google Classroom. I would not have been able to learn Canvas so well without teachers from the Chemistry department helping out. They know it well because they have been using it for several years. If we were in school, I could prefer to use Google Classroom again.”

In conclusion, CHS students miss Google Classroom but are hopeful that Canvas can provide the same accessibility and comfort in the future.