Opinions about going back to school or staying home


BBC News

The debate of whether to return to school or remain virtual is very controversial.

Major Thompson, Reporter

In the past 7-8 months, school buildings closed, people became scared to leave their houses, no one seems to know when life will return to normal, and families struggled with online school.  

Despite cases continuing to reach new highs and a potential second/third wave of COVID infections, some Maryland families continue to push for schools to reopen in-person learning.

Returning to the school building would allow students to get a “better” education since many have struggled with digital learning. It would also likely improve social and mental health issues that students and families have struggled with these past few months.

CHS freshman Javon Jackson said, “I would rather go back to school so I can talk to my friends and get out of my house. I don’t like being isolated and being on my computer all day.”

However, many educational districts and facilities that have reopened have faced extreme difficulties in preventing the spread of the virus. Multiple schools and universities have forced students to quarantine after infection rates increased with the resumption of in-person learning.

CHS freshman Vansh Sharma said, “I think going back to school is a huge risk, and could make the virus spread even more, so from my point of view I think going back to school is a huge risk.”  

Although almost everyone would enjoy a return to normalcy, the risks involved are extremely perilous. Despite the fact that many young people do not contract the virus as often as older citizens, those germs could still be easily transmitted from schools to homes. This raises the question: do the risks outweigh the reward?

CHS freshman Nick Nguyen said, “I would rather go back to school because when I am at school it keeps me from getting bored but also when I’m home there’s nothing to do and you can’t go around friends.”

Many people would agree that being at home all day gets boring a lot so going to school could help solve that problem. As MCPS and other school districts creep closer to reopening, the students and families will continue to adopt a wait-and-see approach from the diminishing comfort of their own homes.