Sports aren’t the same anymore


Kanetre Areewongsagul

Varsity football battled against strong competition this year, including Gaithersburg.

Vansh Sharma, Reporter

2020 has been a year of unimaginable hardships and has clearly caused a “distance” especially amongst high school students. 

One major distance has been the lack of extracurricular sports after they were forced to shift to virtual seasons starting at the beginning of this school year. However, virtual sports struggle to duplicate the camaraderie and fellowship that athletics usually create.

CHS freshman Jacob Boroskin, who planned to join the football program this fall, said “I feel that there is a good reason for online sports, but finding a way to simulate the same thing as in person will be difficult.” 

For digital athletics, teams just meet on Zoom. Social distancing prevents teams from playing with and against each other, so there are no championships or league tournaments. Instead, teams try to improve on other things they can do virtually. 

CHS freshman Major Thompson, who planned to play football this fall, said, “I would prefer to be on the field rather than looking at a computer screen and building the chemistry with my teammates, but overall the zoom meetings aren’t bad.”

One big thing teams do is reviewing the playbooks. For example, in football, teams will study and work on the playbooks to get a better understanding of it.  Coaches and players will get a full understanding of specific plays and become experts on it. 

Teams also do conditioning workouts over Zoom. Individually, players train with their teammates while their coach monitors and leads the activities. Playing sports virtually is difficult, so it has caused teams not to be able to do too much, and that’s all they can do for now. 

PE teacher and coach Sissy Natoli said, “I would prefer IN-PERSON sports over on-line sports any day!  Due to the circumstances and the danger of COVID 19, and with all of our sports being virtual, the coaches are trying to make the most of our virtual season and to provide our student-athletes with the best program possible following the MCPS RAISE Core Values.  MCPS has provided outstanding Guest Speakers that we are including in our program.  The coaches are building relationships and reconnecting with our athletes in preparation for an in-person season in the Spring (hopefully)!”

Recently, news broke that the county could resume interschool athletics as early as December. This change depends on approval from the Montgomery County Government, Department of Health, and the Board of Education.