Tips for Staying Happy and Healthy Amidst a Pandemic

Charlotte Sanford, Reporter

For many CHS students and staff, stress levels are at an all-time high during the COVID pandemic, and many are actively searching for ways to calm down. For anyone interested in relaxing a little during this stressful period in history, here are four ways to lower anxiety during COVID.

1. Take Breaks

With all of the time students spend on the computer for online classes, students know that their high amount of screen time is negatively affecting their health.

“I set time aside from the computer and schoolwork to relax,” says senior Riya Shah, noting the importance of taking mental health breaks. Due to the monotony of school, she “feels like the stress never ends,” so taking breaks helps change up the routine.

Jasmine Wang with her violin. Image from Jasmine Wang.

2. Get into music!

Music can be a very good stress reliever. “I take care of stress by playing my violin and letting it all out while playing,” says junior Jasmine Wang, an orchestra student. 

The National Institute of Health agrees. Benefits of playing music include “better communication skills, improved emotional release, and decreased anxiety and agitation,” along with improved “cognitive function, mental health, and a connection to others,” according to a study by Debra Shipman for the Federal Practitioner.

3. Spend time with your pets

Charles Orifici with his dog, Rosie. Photo by Charles Orifici.

Some people have found solace in their pets during quarantine. Orchestra teacher Charles Orifici says that although he didn’t use to be a dog person, preferring more solitary animals, he now loves to spend time with the family’s dog, Rosie.



4. Search Youtube

Online school has left many students without the emotional support they had with in-person school. However, guided meditation videos on Youtube have helped. “A couple of months ago I stumbled across guided meditation videos on Youtube,” says senior Nikki Munuo. “Being able to take some time for my mental health has been super helpful.”

Some of the options for “guided meditation” on Youtube. Image by Charlotte Sanford.