Coyotes Continue Working Hard Despite COVID


Photo from CHICK-FIL-A

Wearing a mask and gloves are just some of the ways students can protect themselves.

Nia Nkansah, Reporter

With students still learning from home and all CHS sports/clubs remaining digital for the foreseeable future, many CHS students are still looking for ways to spend copious amounts of time while “stuck” at home. 

Opportunities exist for students to spend their time working for themselves or others. Some CHS students are still working for a paycheck during the pandemic, and many others are working on earning their MCPS required Student Service Learning hours.

“I think it’s a good idea to start searching for things to do like SSL work, especially if you have the time to fit it into your school schedule,” said sophomore Taylor Jacques.

All MCPS students are required to complete 75 hours of student service-learning (SSL) hours by the time they graduate. They can also receive a purple tassel if they have completed 260 hours or more at the end of their senior year. There are a wide variety of activities to check out on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center website

“I love how I can do most of the tasks in the comfort of my own home,” said senior Micheline Sonkro. “I don’t have to take the extra step of going out.”

Another alternative that would benefit both students and others would be to get a job. It can be anything from earning an allowance from parents/guardians, raking leaves, or shoveling snow if there’s any this year. If those don’t sound professional enough, then students might want to settle for a job at the mall or a tutoring center. A list of places to look into are below:

Senior Lynn Djoboku, who has some working experience, says getting a job “felt like I was finally growing up and becoming more mature.” She added that “working for my money instead of asking my parents for cash made me feel responsible, and I was proud of myself.” 

Snagging a job sounds like a perfectly thought out plan, but can it still be done during a global pandemic?

“I get concerned for students going out to work,” says art teacher Cassandra Fagan. “There’s a high chance that they could bring something home to their families if they’re not careful. It’s also tough because I know some students have to work to help out at home. It’s risky, but I can understand both sides of it.”

With COVID still around, it can be challenging for students to take on a job or an outdoor SSL opportunity. Companies have made efforts to enforce safety precautions to slow down the virus’s spread among their employees. That may be good, but there’s still no doubt that this virus is a hurdle that almost no one expected. 

 “It can be scary working outside knowing there’s a deadly virus spreading,” said senior Eastwood Yeboah. “I feel like mask requirements, hand sanitizer, and social distancing make me feel safer, but it’s still hard having to go out there every day.”

Like Eastwood, some students have still found ways to work during these unprecedented times. If need be, ask a parent/guardian if it’s okay to find a job. For now, make sure to stay safe, Coyotes.