TikTok: The App That Saved Quarantine


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TikTok has become an essential resource for entertainment throughout quarantine.

Natalie Kinnear, Reporter

TikTok is the reincarnation of a beloved app we all had in middle school: musical.ly. Since the rebrand, the app has become really popular, especially during the quarantine.

TikTok has become one of the top apps on the App Store this year and for good reason. Anyone is able to post content on there, and if they’re lucky, they could go viral. Many CHS students utilize TikTok and have a lot to say about it.

Senior Anthony Ortiz said, “I joined it in January 2019, when it was still embarrassing to have the app.” Anthony now has 16.3K followers on the app. “I just made normal videos and I guess people liked them,” he added when asked about how he gained a following.

Other students simply use TikTok for fun and do all the dances there. “I really like learning the dances and doing them with my friends, it was so fun to do when school was in person.” says junior Mya Lee. She also added that her favorite dances were 34+35 and Canibal.

TikTok is known for its many different sides: dances, comedy, lifestyle, and fashion, just to name a few. “I mostly make comedy videos on my account because of what I watch on TikTok,” says junior Lindsey Heller.

Sometimes the algorithm on TikTok will favor a person’s account and they will hit the for you page on their first few videos. This is a rare situation but it does happen if they are lucky. Senior Hunter Marsh recounts “My first video blew up. It was a video of me playing baseball, and now I get a few hundred likes on my videos. My first one got around 50K views.

Sometimes students don’t really associate themselves with a particular “side” of the app and just use it for fun. “I don’t really care what side of TikTok I’m on. I just watch what’s funny and I occasionally post stuff too. It’s all fun, I don’t take it too seriously” says Senior Varun Bawa.

With recent events, many people have turned to TikTok as a source of entertainment during the quarantine. “I joined TikTok during Fall 2019 when it was at its peak, but during quarantine, I really became invested and even learned a few dances.” added senior Madison Beckward.