Taking Flight: CHS Student Earns Pilots License


Kevin and Melody Monroe

Pictures above is junior Kenny Monroe posing with his newly earned student pilot’s license

Kara Peeler, Editor-In-Chief

Despite quarantine and a global pandemic, junior Kenny Monroe is flying forward with his plans for the future and has earned his student’s pilot’s license. 

Monroe’s aspirations date back over a decade with a deep-rooted interest in planes, and attaining this license puts him one step closer to reaching his childhood dream. 

“Ever since I was little, I’ve always kind of had this crazy obsession with flying and airplanes,” said Monroe. “I went to daycare at this church that was right across the street from the Gaithersburg Airport, so whenever we would go out to play I would literally just sit there and watch the planes come in and out.” 

This license will allow Monroe to operate an aircraft independently without an instructor present. Thus far, he has attended a flight school where he has been training and learning from an instructor in preparation. The next step in his journey to becoming a pilot is to earn his private pilot license and then continue progressing his work as a pilot.

“By June of 2021, I hope to get my private pilot’s license which basically allows me to fly with passengers,” said Monroe. “I think my end goal is to be a pilot for a humanitarian aid organization or for a major airline.” 

The risk of contracting coronavirus has altered the procedure in learning to become a pilot, but Monroe and his flight school have adjusted so students can continue without delay. 

“We have to take extra precautions since the planes belong to the flight school, so in the cargo hold each of the planes are cleaning supplies which we use to disinfect all of the controls/buttons in the plane before and after each of us,” said Moreover. 

The Clarksburg community has expressed immense pride in Monroe’s aviation achievement, especially given the extenuating circumstances. 

“You always used to talk about how you were gonna get a pilot’s license, so it’s so heartwarming to see you finally get it,” said junior Kyla Doston. 

The CHS administration is similarly joyful, applauding his ability to thrive regardless of uncertain times. 

“He was able to accomplish a goal he had set for himself and being able to achieve it during a time like this makes the accomplishment that much sweeter,” said Assistant Principal Alyson Foreman. 

Monroe’s soaring success is only the beginning of a bright future.

“Kenny’s dedication is admirable and I can’t wait to see where he flies to!” said Foreman.