Rep Da Burg

Mrs. Chappa, former teacher at Clarksburg, singing

Mrs. Chappa, former teacher at Clarksburg, singing "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"

Sarah Giacalone, Reporter

On the last day of school for seniors every year there is an event that cures even the worst case of senioritis. Rep Da Burg is an annual celebration of the talent and enthusiasm shown by students and staff at CHS.

“It is the most fun and best assembly,” added history teacher and Rep Da Burg sponsor Kristen Bouve. “It is the end of the year, it’s warm out, everyone is relaxed, it’s always on a Friday (TGIF) and everyone in the whole school, including staff, has the opportunity to be involved and come down and watch. It’s just a time to sit back, be happy and watch Clarksburg and those represent come alive on stage.”

This year’s assembly is on May 27, the last day for seniors.  

Rep Da Burg is the assembly where students and teachers can have fun and allow other students and teachers see a different side of them. Many seniors will miss this event but even more will stick around to watch. “You get to see a different side of your peers and teachers that you don’t always get to see” senior Alexeus Pyles said.

To be a part of the show, participants must try out. Although trying out can be stressful and nerve-wracking for many students, they are eventually rewarded by being a part of arguably the most anticipated performance of the year.

“At first it was kind of nerve-wracking because we didn’t know all the dances,” senior Taliah Hardy. “But we got the hang of it and now we do our dances all the time because they look cool and it’s fun.”

A big part of the assembly is making sure that everything is put together correctly and making sure that everyone works together. This could be a really stressful part of the assembly, but the directors always make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Rep Da Burg sponsors are history teacher Kristen Bouve and English/theater teacher Michelle Meyer.

Bouve stated, “I could not do this without her [Meyer] and her tech crew.”