Citizens of Earth

Lynn Truong, Reporter

Clarksburg High School has helped foster a handful of successful students over the years, but none are like the founders of the local organization “Citizens of Earth”.

The group grows organic produce and sells it locally in Montgomery County to help create a sustainable food source in the community. They started their own organic garden to help provide fresh produce for Clarksburg residents while also creating a local small business to help change the mindsets of the community when it comes to where they get their food.

Alumni Michael Sheehan, Dillon Hayman, Steve Sloan, and Jen Unruh all had one thing in common; they loved the Earth. The organization is “a response to the current agricultural, environmental and economic environment. [Their] overwhelming goal is to create a business that promotes health, happiness and harmony in Clarksburg,” Hayman said.

Citizens of Earth started off “as a passion and motivation… to have a positive impact on the world and to live with the ideologies we all shared,” Hayman added.

Like many activities in life, there are challenges and hardships to overcome. Surprisingly the easiest part of the organization process was to actually get started. Each one of the members had a basic knowledge of business, sustainability, nutrition, and permaculture design which allowed them to excel in each field individually. The challenge came when it was time to finance and stabilize the group.

Co-founder, Michael Sheehan, admits that they have not accomplished “everything they hoped” but are working hard to implement themselves into the community. They would like to share the idea that “we are all Citizens of Earth” and as a society should pull together as a unit.

Normally, economic and environmental movements never go hand-in-hand but with Citizens of Earth, the community of Clarksburg will flourish.