Hogan Extends Summer Vacation



“Maryland Proud” Governor Larry Hogan extends summer vacation.

Jordan Doss, Alum

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed an executive order mandating the school year to begin following Labor Day, but still have the school year end by June 15th. Hogan claims the decision will extend summer vacation for families and will benefit businesses in tourist areas.

“Having an extra week of summer and an extra week of family time is great but there are so many sides to that,” said Spanish teacher Amanda Lawrence. The opportunity to have more leisure time with friends and family could be nice for students, but it comes with problems. An official school year must consist of 180 school days. The pushing back of school causes there to be missing days. As a result, there might be vacation days from other points in the year that could be removed. “I wouldn’t have made the same decision because I feel like the break we have is already long enough, it’s unnecessary to take other break days away just for this,” said 10th Grader Sammy Randall.

Although extending summer vacation might come with complications, there are positive results as well. If the summer is extending, businesses and tourist areas have the opportunity to gain more profit. With the extra income from these businesses, our state is able to make more money, which can be beneficial to our economy in the long run.

Overall the change in the school year has its ups and downs, but no large positives or negatives will be coming out of this decision.”The extension  won’t benefit or harm the students since the school year will be 180 days either way. If the only reason for the extension is to increase business in places like ocean city, the only impact would be pushing the school year further into September,” said 11th Grader Jamie Banaticla. Hogan’s decision may not be primarily agreed upon, but students should look at this as a chance to be able to spend more time with loved ones on Labor Day weekend, without the stress of school.