CHS Students See The Light

The photo seen above was captured during one of the football team's first scrimmages of the 2016 season.

Taken from Twitter

The photo seen above was captured during one of the football team's first scrimmages of the 2016 season.

Natalie Crim, Reporter

During one of the 2016 football pre-season scrimmages in August, a remarkable photo was captured by an anonymous person in attendance that has many CHS students talking.

Just a short three months ago, students Jacob Dennis, Patrick Shifflett, and Cary Greene passed away in a fatal car accident, leaving many affected to this day. All three boys were planning to participate in the fall 2016 Varsity Football season.

In the photo there are three very distinct beams of light shining down from the sky above the field. Many students are making the connection that the three sun beams are representative of the boys watching over the Clarksburg community.

“The lights coming down in the screenshot of the video are obviously Jacob, Cary, and Patrick,” senior Sarah Crim said. “It’s kind of a comforting feeling to know that they’re always watching over us.”

The discovery of this image was very coincidental. The scrimmage where the photo was taken occurred at the beginning of the football season and was later discovered after reviewing video footage from the game. All three boys were very involved in the football program last season and most likely would have participated again in the 2016 season.

During the unveiling ceremony of the memorial rock dedicated to those who fell within the years of 2015 and 2016, the screenshot spread around from student to student and coach to coach due to social media such as twitter and sent through texts  in a time of grief.

This image serves as a daily reminder for many of those currently grieving and a sign that John, Jacob, Patrick, and Cary are all okay.

Junior Jonny Alterman, a close friend of Greene’s said that “this photo is a reminder that our brothers never left us and to keep grinding for them.”

Perhaps it is possible that all the boys are looking down on CHS and smiling with pride.