Team Handball; New Season, New Mindset


Giovanni Pizzino

Last year's handball team had a lot of fun together, but are looking to improve their record this season.

Ian Krishnan, Reporter

As the fall season approaches, big programs such as football, field hockey, etc. take to the big headlines. But it is handball, one of the most inspiring teams at the school, that really represents Clarksburg’s characteristic of family. The team is one of the most unique in the county, with everyone bringing a different talent to the court.

Although the team is coming off a 1-6 season, they focus more on sportsmanship and having fun, the two most important things in sports. Last season, Seneca Valley beat Clarksburg by two points, going on to win their first game. Instead of sulking and blaming each other for the loss, the team broke their huddle by saying “1,2,3 ‘Good game Seneca!’”

The team is still looking to improve their record this year, and Senior Max Steinbeck thinks they have what it takes. When asked if the team has shown signs of improvement, Steinbeck’s answer was “Yes, I think we are going to be good this year.” Steinbeck, who broke his leg, preventing him from playing last year, is still debating whether he will return to the court this year. His other options include managing, which he said is a fun thing to do with his time.

Coach Jayme Jaramillo is also very excited  With a winning record on everyone’s mind, Steinbeck says the key to success this year is to “pass the ball, and look for open shots.” Clarksburg’s first game is September 24, against Sherwood high school. Other big games this season include a rematch against Seneca Valley, which Clarksburg lost by 2, and a huge game against Watkins Mill which they lost by only 1. The team is looking forward to starting off the 2016-2017 season 1-0, and with Steinbeck’s confidence, they sure will!