Breaking Pep Rally Tradition with Clarksburg Day


Lynn Truong

Instead of just a pep rally, CHS will have a celebratory Clarksburg Day Oct. 21 across all of campus.

Lynn Truong, Reporter

Editors Note: Clarksburg Day was rescheduled to the spring due to a weather cancellation. A traditional pep rally was held Friday Oct. 28.

Say goodbye to the traditional pep rallies and hello to Clarksburg Day. The new celebration will be held Oct. 28 from 12:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. on the basketball courts by the portables, the baseball field, and the stadium.

Adding on to the traditional pep rally at the end of the day, CHS is going to be dedicating half a day “to celebrate our school community, the students, and [our] rival for homecoming,” SGA sponsor Angela Wang explained.

Clarksburg Day will include events such as face painting by the National Art Honors Society, chalk decorating on the basketball court and parking lot, relay races between teachers and students, and even inflatable obstacle courses that students can run through.

The class schedule Oct. 28 will be running on a half day schedule with a pep rally followed by “Clarksburg Day” towards the end of the day. Wang further added that although “it will be hard to monitor 2,100 plus students in three different locations,” with the help and support of the staff and student body, the celebration will be a success.

Wang is grateful for the student volunteers from SGA and the Minority Scholar Program that are going to “help run the relays, give out prizes, and help monitor students at the same time,” ensuring everything  runs smoothly and effectively.
Like all changes, Clarksburg Day is met with some opposition from both staff and students.

“Students will want to leave or will wander around restricted areas due to the unequal distribution of students and staff members” senior Sushma Shankar said. “Some staff members are shaky in their beliefs that some students [will] meet student expectations.”

“How this event turns out will set precedent for any future celebrations such as MSP’s cultural Clarksburg Day in February,” SGA Vice President Anjali Vyas said.

The original date for the inaugural Clarksburg Day was Oct. 21 but was postponed a week due to rainy forecasts.