Food Donations Can Save the Nation


Harvest Public Media and NET

Food dumped at a landfill.

Jordan Doss, Alum

It is estimated that in America 95 percent of the food thrown in the trash ends up in landfills. In 2013 alone, that added up to be 35 million tons of food wasted.

As a result of all of the excess food, greenhouse gases were released into our environment. In the landfills, the food breaks down and produces methane. This can then cause climate change and other environmental damage.

“I feel there is more leftover food everywhere,” sophomore Olivia Gbehan said. “For example, in the woods, in the rivers and streams, and even in landfills. Because not everyone throws away it away in the trash or recycling.” 

If proper action is not taken to lessen the amount of food waste being thrown away,  this could result in extensive environmental issues.

In order to prevent any further damage to our environment, Americans need to dispose of food waste in a different way. In France, there is a law that prevents supermarkets from throwing away unspoiled and undamaged food items. This alone could increase the amount of food going to shelters and donation services by 15 percent; adding up to a total of 10 million more meals.

In America, this could help the economy greatly. In 2010 alone, 133 billion pounds of the 430 billion pounds of the available food supply went uneaten. This adds up to a loss of 161.6 billion dollars.

English teacher Dr. Jeanine Hurley agreed that new policies could help in changing the way grocers and shopper look at groceries.

“I think that’s an amazing idea,” Hurley said. “It could help force stores to stock the appropriate amount for what people are purchasing too.”

If people donated their uneaten and unspoiled food, instead of throwing it away, the environment impact would be reduced, money would be saved, and the hungry would be fed. Americans need to stop being wasteful in order to save the environment. Food can be donated to shelters and donation centers.

Not only will this help save money for the economy, but it will help feed those who do not have the food they need.