‘Sign Up to Join the Sign Language Club

Students are learning American Sign Language as part of a new club and class at CHS.


Students are learning American Sign Language as part of a new club and class at CHS.

Jordan Doss, Alum

When it comes to learning new languages, many students find themselves intrigued but challenged. At CHS, a variety of language classes are offered. Many students take the easier route and go for Spanish or French because they are more widely spoken, but they do not know what they are missing out on. Along with the American Sign Language (ASL) class, taught by Meredith MacLauchlan, the school is now offering an ASL club.

Club President and senior Jessica Rice said she came up with the idea for an ASL club because “not enough people know about deaf culture and hopefully this club can change that.”

The club meets every Monday in room 1008. Throughout the country, ASL is the 4th most used language. Not only is sign language an interesting language to learn, but it is also useful.

“I personally have a lot of anxiety, and I’ve found that doing the hand motions is very calming for me. And when I get too anxious and have difficulties talking, I can just sign instead,” said Vice President and senior Renee Gasbarre.

Those who learn ASL also gain the ability to communicate with and help deaf individuals.

“I love when I’m out somewhere and I am able to be that access point for people who need it,” said MacLauchlan.

The ASL club encourages all types of people to join. “I definitely believe that ASL is something that everyone should learn, deaf or hearing. Even if it is just basic things. You never know when you’ll meet a deaf person, or have deaf children, or perhaps become deaf yourself,” said Gasbarre.

Joining the ASL club will not automatically make students fluent signers, but it will open them up to a new culture and give them a new perspective on the deaf community.