New Pep Rally Proves Successful


Lynn Truong

The CHS student body cheers as they watch the race between the classes.

Lynn Truong, Reporter

After being postponed due to weather, many feared that the newly-formatted pep rally would never happen. The events planned had to be pushed back to April, which meant that all the supplies for it had to be cancelled.

“People were actually looking forward to the half day schedule… if [the pep rally] was cancelled for no reason people [were] gonna be pissed” said senior Sushma Shankar.

However, despite all the backlash and delays, events played out perfectly and pep rally was a success.

The student-teacher race and the balloon popping game ended in smiles all around. Seniors took the win on almost all events, although staff claim that Principal Steve Whiting and football coach Larry Hurd beat the students in the obstacle course race. The drum line dropped some heat and cheer pumped up the student body with their amazing performance. Many other groups slayed at the event including Poms, the Extreme Latin Dance group, and the Step Team.

Looking back on many previous pep rallies, many would agree that the break from tradition was much needed.

“Students [other than the freshman] were getting tired of the traditional pep rallies, even though this was very similar, the second part [Clarksburg Day] should be different” senior Faith Kim explains.

This new approach to our school pep rally set precedent for later outdoor events with other clubs. The Minority Scholar Program is planning an event early next year similar to Clarksburg Day. The success with Clarksburg day was necessary to give them leverage when speaking with administration.

The second event is still to come hopefully and will follow the success of the first. The skepticism is still present however. Many students left before the pep rally and proved to authorities that security must be tighter for Clarksburg Day if they want this to be successful. There is still much to see from this break from tradition. Part one was a success, now we must wait and see about the second part.